Final Convention Registration List


This is the final Convention Registration List. If your name is not on this list then we did not receive your registration.

If you are using a purchase order please check with your school to determine if it was mailed or faxed. If you have any questions please contact

Bill Riley

If you registered online make sure that you filled out the payment portion of the membership/registration to complete the process.

This list is updated daily, notice the date stamp to indicate the updated registration list.

Updated November 5, 2020

Mem# Last Name First Name School Business School Town
1859 Abate Joe Bird Middle School Walpole
2014 Abrams Tracy Viveiros Elementary School Fall River
7252 Adolt Leeten Springfield College Student Springfield
7485 Alvarez Brendan Bridgewater State Student Bridgewater
2357 Anderson Roger Westboro High School Westboro
1321 Armstrong Patrick Auburn Middle School Auburn
1330 Armstrong Sarah Shepherd Hill Regional High School Dudley
2977 Bacher Libby Amigos Elementary School Cambridge
7018 Baez Naraylee Westfield State Student Westfield
7285 Baldi James Bridgewater State Student Bridgewater
1811 Bannon Lynda Burlington High School Burlington
7272 Barry Scott Bridgewater State Student Bridgewater
1984 Bartlett Jeff Holten Richmond Middle School Danvers
1570 Bartlett Nicholas Auburn High School Auburn
1833 Basile Christine Elmwood School Hopkinton
1163 Bean Lauren Cambridge Public Schools Cambridge
1737 Beauchesne William Pelham Memorial High School Pelham, NH
1489 Beaulieu Kelly Durfee High School Fall River
1739 Bechard Shannon Oak Ridge Elementary School Sandwich
7036 Bell Megan Bridgewater State Student Bridgewater
1575 Belocas Linda Plymouth Public Schools Plymouth
7308 Benevides Neil Bridgewater State Student Bridgewater
2757 Bennett Melonie Braintree Public Schools Braintree
7113 Benoit Morgan Westfield State Student Westfield
7300 Bentley Mark Bridgewater State Student Bridgewater
2161 Bergeron Nate Smith Vocational & Agricultural High School Northampton
2754 Bersin Jake Worcester Public Schools Worcester
7259 Betsch Steven Springfield College Student Springfield
7017 Biggins Courtney Bridgewater State Student Bridgewater
2154 Bixby Centric Sarah Amesbury High School Amesbury
9962 Bohler Heidi Westfield State University Westfield
7169 Bourke Ilana Springfield College Student Springfield
7364 Bourque Evan Westfield State Student Westfield
7116 Bourrell Kayla Bridgewater State Student Bridgewater
2111 Bowman Terri Vassal Lane Upper School Cambridge
1438 Bradley Erin Excel Academy Charter School-Chelsea Chelsea
2422 Brancaleone Joe Green Meadow School Maynard
2430 Breen Matthew MIT Cambridge
1391 Bresciani Kevin Westboro Public Schools Westboro
121 Brophy Kathy Wellesley High School Wellesley
9961 Brown Claudia T. Health Matters
1791 Bryant Barbara Navigation Games Cambridge
2905 Burgess John Cambridge Public Schools Cambridge
1512 Burke Holly Watson Elementary School Fall River
1742 Burns Mary-Lou Hopkins School Hopkinton
2511 Bust Kate Paper Mill School Westfield
2425 Butterfield Ian Shrewsbury High School Shrewsbury
7137 Cabral Christian Bridgewater State Student Bridgewater
7281 Cabral Austin Bridgewater State Student Bridgewater
2006 Cahill Sarah Mind and Movement Partners Weston
2925 Caldwell Elizabeth Nixon Elementary School Sudbury
339 Campbell Martha Burkland Elementary School Middleboro
7105 Campbell Bridgette Bridgewater State Student Bridgewater
1059 Capone Hannah Fitchburg High School Fitchburg
1256 Carey Kathy Amherst Middle School Amherst
1181 Carney Mark Dedham Public Schools Dedham
748 Carr Michael Angier Elementary Newton
2825 Casey Kate Abington Public Schools Abington
7199 Cervone Shane Westfield State Student Westfield
7007 Chace Matthew Bridgewater State Student Bridgewater
2909 Chartier Amy Woodland Elementary School Weston
7247 Chauvin Justin Westfield State Student Westfield
7519 Chernick Abigail Westfield State Student Westfield
2021 Childs Ethan Navigation Games Cambridge
2009 Christensen Jennette Arlington Public Schools Arlington
1395 Cleary Kathy Bournedale Elementary School Bourne
7215 Cocca James Springfield College Student Springfield
1572 Cochrane Tom Bird Middle School Walpole
7538 Coderre Ryan Westfield State Student Westfield
1793 Colardo Mike Boyden Elementary School Walpole
1146 Cole Janice St Mary's School Norwood
2694 Collins Joan Andover Public Schools Andover
2602 Comeau Daniel Spencer Borden Elementary School Fall River
2287 Connolly Mary Cambridge College Cambridge
1491 Cook Amy Durfee High School Fall River
2382 Cook Kristen Cambridge Public Schools Cambridge
7134 Cormos Bogdan Bridgewater State Student Bridgewater
9032 Coughlin Cindy Springfield Public Schools - Retired Springfield
7108 Couture Jennifer Bridgewater State Student Bridgewater
2763 Cowell Susan Medfield Public Schools Medfield
7244 Cox Stephan Salem State Student Salem
7618 Croteau Caleigh Westfield State Student Westfield
7112 Cyr Tyler Westfield State Student Westfield
7117 D Abruzzo Alex Bridgewater State Student Bridgewater
2759 D'Amato Connie West Elementary School Andover
2115 DaMore Gayle North Reading Middle School North Reading
7053 daSilva Jillian Bridgewater State Student Bridgewater
387 Davis-Delano Linda Springfield College Springfield
7191 Davitt John Springfield College Student Springfield
1359 Delgado Amy Sandwich Public Schools Sandwich
7534 Della Penna Ryan Westfield State Student Westfield
7003 DelloRusso Brian Bridgewater State Student Bridgewater
1334 DeLude Heather Bird Middle School Walpole
9953 Demetrius Diana Mapleshade School East Longmeadow
4023 Denuzzio Heidi Dondero School Portsmouth, NH
1801 Deremian David Heritage School Dudley-Charlton
2349 Desmarais Ryan Ford Middle School Acushnet
1954 Deutsch Lauren Greenlodge Elementary School Dedham
7283 DeVito Alex Springfield College Student Springfield
2575 DiMicco Melissa Henry Lord Community School Fall River
1721 Dionne Matt

2367 Doughty Amy Burlington High School Burlington
727 Drude Meg Barnstable Intermediate School Barnstable
1440 Dubovick Brittany Westboro Public Schools Westboro
2378 Duggan Jackie Smith Vocational & Agricultural High School Northampton
1525 Dupuis Melissa Auburn Middle School Auburn
7044 Eaton Amber Bridgewater State Student Bridgewater
7198 Eires Monica Bridgewater State Student Bridgewater
2138 El-Sherif Jennifer Salem State University Salem
7016 Elbe Julia Westfield State Student Westfield
2377 Ellis Rich Braintree Public Schools Braintree
2441 Ellis Mark Westboro Public Schools Westboro
7074 Enos Jake Westfield State Student Westfield
1902 Erhardt Jason Quinn Middle School Hudson
7010 Esboldt Sam Pittsburg State University Pittsburg, Kansas
1899 Fanciullo Christine Thompson Elementary School Arlington
7321 Farrell Emily Springfield College Student Springfield
2297 Farrell Kylie Blackstone-Millville Regional High School Blackstone
2031 Feffer Pamela Burlington Public Schools Burlington
1658 Finnegan Mitchell Weston Public Schools Weston
1646 Fitzgerald Robert Fall River Public Schools Fall River
7089 Florek Hannah Westfield State Student Westfield
2320 Flynn Jameson Fall River Public Schools Fall River
2251 Fontes Elise Liberty Elementary School Braintree
2823 Fournier Rachael Westboro Public Schools Westboro
7208 Foye Morgan Springfield College Student Springfield
2403 Fusaro Burns Yanina Fitchburg High School Fitchburg
2292 Fyvie Nicole Bates Elementary School Wellesley
7136 Gaffney Ethan Westfield State Student Westfield
46 Gallo Ann Marie Salem State University Salem
2037 Galopim Laura Weston Middle School Weston
2738 Gavin Erin Westborough High School Westboro
2433 Gelinas Ellen Memorial School Medfield
7335 Giacopello Lauren Westfield State Student Westfield
2770 Gladu Sylvain Maria Baldwin School Cambridge
2498 Glencross Hillary Watertown High School Watertown
7314 Gold Madison Westfield State Student Westfield
7187 Golden Christian Bridgewater State Student Bridgewater
1724 Goldring Katie Heath Elementary School Brookline
7110 Goldstein Naomi Westfield State Student Westfield
9016 Gorman Deborah Hopkins School Hopkinton
7557 Goslin Sean Westfield State Student Westfield
2847 Govoni Christie Pine Glen Elementary Burlington
2322 Green Amanda Auburn Public Schools Auburn
1840 Grigsby Brian Peter Noyes Elementary School Sudbury
2938 Grimo Mikala Lord Community School Fall River
7006 Grindle Shannon Bridgewater State Student Bridgewater
1082 Guimond Jameson Durfee High School Fall River
2836 Hallihan Meghan Cambridge Public Schools Cambridge
1991 Harrington John Spencer Borden Elementary School Fall River
2358 Hatch Devon Burlington Public Schools Burlington
7033 Haughn Drew Bridgewater State Student Bridgewater
7088 Hayes Samantha Bridgewater State Student Bridgewater
7332 Hebert Isabel Salem State Student Salem
4035 Hefele Lynn LEPE, Inc
1782 Heim-Balch Michelle Springfield Public Schools Springfield
1504 Hennessey Patrick Greenwood & Dolbeare Schools Wakefield
1081 Herwig Jill Garfield Middle School Revere
2812 Hickey Christine Tilton Elem. School Haverhill
2339 Hill Danielle Chicopee Public Schools Chicopee
7311 Ho Hoang Bridgewater State Student Bridgewater
7041 Holdredge Caelan Bridgewater State Student Bridgewater
7035 Howland Dashawn Bridgewater State Student Bridgewater
2394 Ilg Jeff Sudbury Public Schools Sudbury
2951 Ireland Michelle Hanover Middle School Hanover
1603 Jackling Matt Burlington Public Schools Burlington
2167 James Kirsten Ayers Ryal Side School Beverly
2199 Johnson Sarah MIT Cambridge
7302 Jordan Natasha Springfield College Student Springfield
1515 Kantlehner Patrick Cambridge Rindge & Latin Cambridge
7092 Kavka Darrell Bridgewater State Student Bridgewater
2934 Keane Thomas Hopkinton Public Schools Hopkinton
1633 Keleher Marissa Medway Public Schools Medway
7141 Kelleher John Bridgewater State Student Bridgewater
9963 Kelley Barbi Hildreth Elementary School Harvard
2719 Kelly Brendan Durfee High School Fall River
7310 Kiley Derek Bridgewater State Student Bridgewater
7287 Kingman Abbey Bridgewater State Student Bridgewater
2821 Kippenberger Michael Pine Glen School Burlington
2298 Krusemark Jan Nock Middle School Newburyport
7299 Laine David Bridgewater State Student Bridgewater
7279 Lambert Lindsey Bridgewater State Student Bridgewater
1086 Lamonica Andrea Studley Elementary School Attleboro
7273 Lane Jackson Springfield College Student Springfield
7059 Langan Mike Bridgewater State Student Bridgewater
630 Langton Terry Hanover Public Schools Hanover
2024 LaRose Jeff Oak Middle School Shrewsbury
7280 Lawrence Wyatt Westfield State Student Westfield
1293 Leonard Phil New England Center for Children Southboro
7142 Levansavich Grace Springfield College Student Springfield
2202 Litten Meghan Cambridge Public School Cambridge
7011 Lockwood Madison Westfield State Student Westfield
1143 Lore Steven Cambridgeport School Cambridge
1001 Lowney Erin Kuss Middle School Fall River
1978 Lulsdorf Katie Dolbeare Elementary School Wakefield
2344 Madge Johanna Johnson Middle School Walpole
1411 Magoffin Kyle Ralph C Mahar Regional School Orange
7133 Maloney Erin Springfield College Student Springfield
7204 Malouin Philip Bridgewater State Student Bridgewater
1416 Manion Emily Bridgewater State University Bridgewater
2626 Manning Carol Worcester Public Schools Worcester
7008 Marum Nathan Bridgewater State Student Bridgewater
1130 Mason Mike Gateway Reg High School Huntington
1188 Mason Stephanie Monument Valley Reg Middle School Great Barrington
2677 McCall Ruth Fox Hill Elementary Burlington
2279 Mccarthy Donna Burlington Public Schools Burlington
7160 McCormic Katelee Springfield College Student Springfield
1368 McGurl Kristin Horace Greeley High School Chappaqua, NY
2171 McLaughlin Kelly Mary Goode Elementary School Middleboro
7294 McLaughlin Alex Bridgewater State Student Bridgewater
7284 McMahon Cole Bridgewater State Student Bridgewater
9009 McNally Brian Andover Public Schools - Retired Andover
7132 McNeill Devan Bridgewater State Student Bridgewater
7296 Medeiros Zackary Bridgewater State Student Bridgewater
7126 Mediate Colin Springfield College Student Springfield
1531 Megnia Melissa Braintree High School Braintree
1865 Meiners Valerie Andover Public Schools Andover
9937 Melchionda Maria MAHPERD Executive Director
2666 Mello Cynthia Greene Elementary Fall River
7214 Meurling Sydney Bridgewater State Student Bridgewater
7048 Moniz Hannah Bridgewater State Student Bridgewater
2134 Moore Carrie MIT Cambridge
4022 Moore Nancy Portsmith School Department Portsmith, NH
9959 Moosbrugger Michelle Springfield College Springfield
1818 Morin Beth Shrewsbury High School Shrewsbury
1361 Morrill Tom Wynn Middle School Tewksbury
7276 Morse Nicholas Bridgewater State Student Bridgewater
2476 Moules Wendy Fox Hill School Burlington
7161 Moussette Chelsea Westfield State Student Westfield
1680 Mulryan John Wellesley High School Wellesley
1686 Murphy Jennifer Orange Elementary Schools Orange
2240 Murphy Kevin Silver Hill Elementary School Haverhill
2953 Murphy Michael Essex North Shore Agricultural & Technical School Hathorne
2268 Murray Jessica Wheelock Elementary School Medfield
2389 Murray Myles Talbot Middle School Fall River
7398 Napoli Gianna Springfield College Student Springfield
1596 Natale Amanda Excel Academy East Boston East Boston
1834 Nawrocki Mairi Dale Street School Medfield
7494 Nelson Robbie Westfield State Student Westfield
2127 Neseralla Jennifer Washington School Springfield
7193 Newcombe Jeffrey Westfield State Student Westfield
2868 Nicholas Carol Franics Wyman School Burlington
7207 Nocera Michael Bridgewater State Student Bridgewater
7254 Nocito Mason Springfield College Student Springfield
2419 Nute Priya Loring Elementary School Sudbury
7038 O'Brien Michael Bridgewater State Student Bridgewater
2954 O'Brien Greg Essex North Shore Agricultural & Technical School Hathorne
7225 O'Connell Colleen Springfield College Student Springfield
2603 O'Sullivan Sheila

2736 Oehmen Michelle Stone Day School Fall River
7043 Oliveira Nicholas Bridgewater State Student Bridgewater
7178 Olson Gannon Springfield College Student Springfield
7535 Paecht Jana Westfield State Student Westfield
2314 Pantuosco-Hensch Lynn Westfield State University Westfield
1539 Parker John Hopkinton Middle School Hopkinton
7671 Parks Tanner Westfield State Student Westfield
2996 Pastyrnak John Baldwin Elementary School Cambridge
7061 Patten Celina Bridgewater State Student Bridgewater
7094 Perreault Georgia Springfield College Student Springfield
2482 Peterson George Burlington Public Schools Burlington
2392 Phelan Lynn Auburn High School Auburn
1378 Phenix Christopher Burkland Elementary School Middleboro
7034 Phillips Meagan Bridgewater State Student Bridgewater
7175 Pike Victoria Westfield State Student Westfield
9946 Pinkham Kathy Needham Public Schools Needham
1348 Pinto Deb Hopkinton Middle School Hopkinton
7298 Pires Joshua Bridgewater State Student Bridgewater
2684 Poliseno Christopher Durfee High School Fall River
2013 Ponte Stephanie Fall River Schools Fall River
7162 Powell Jasmine Springfield College Student Springfield
1128 Pratt Gregory Auburn High School Auburn
2978 Pratt Tracey Cambridge Public Schools Cambridge
7040 Prince Katie Westfield State Student Westfield
7372 Proulx Devin Bridgewater State Student Bridgewater
1307 Pruslin Stewart St. Benedict Classical Academy Natick
2323 Ramsay Paul SEEM Middle School Stoneham
2159 Randall Amanda Walpole High School Walpole
1977 Ranieri Maura Braintree High School Braintree
9951 Rausch Bob Westfield State University Westfield
2350 Reardon Katherine The Learning Community Charter School Central Falls, RI
1393 Rebelo Neil Burlington Public Schools Burlington
1506 Reedy Joanne Ford Middle School Acushnet
1193 Renaud Karen Hopkinton Public Schools Hopkinton
1007 Resendes Kate Letourneau Elementary School Fall River
7503 Richardi Cody Bridgewater State Student Bridgewater
207 Richardson Karen Bridgewater State University Bridgewater
2417 Riel Derek William Greene Elementary Fall River
9950 Riley Bill Attleboro Schools - Retired Attleboro
1346 Ritz Robert Braintree HIgh School Braintree
7210 Rivera Xavier Westfield State Student Westfield
2310 Roark Brian Westford Public Schools Westford
7125 Robarge Nathan Westfield State Student Westfield
7027 Rodrick Curtis Bridgewater State Student Bridgewater
2214 Rodriguez Ella The Learning Community Central Falls, RI
7206 Roias Carlos Bridgewater State Student Bridgewater
1608 Rollins Patricia Lincoln Street School Northboro
1357 Romanko Gregory Elmwood Elementary School Hopkinton
7139 Ross Drew Bridgewater State Student Bridgewater
435 Rotatori Alan Newton South High School Newton
1087 Ruo Matthw Durfee High School Fall River
2363 Rurak Katie Doherty Middle School Andover
9955 Ruseckas Donna Andover Public Schools Andover
7341 Ryan Peyton Springfield College Student Springfield
7200 Santana Noelia Westfield State Student Westfield
7052 Sargavakian Christine Bridgewater State Student Bridgewater
2308 Schwartzman Dan Monomoy Regional High School Harwich
7265 Scott Marcus Westfield State Student Westfield
1529 Scungio Melissa Fall River Public Schools Fall River
7145 Serricchio Dana Springfield College Student Springfield
7151 Shannon Kevin Westfield State Student Westfield
1064 Sharpe Michele Fall River Schools Fall River
7380 Shea Andrew Westfield State Student Westfield
829 Sheehy Deborah Bridgewater State University Bridgewater
2939 Simas Nicole Morton Middle School Fall River
2613 Simes Katie Chelmsford Public Schools Chelmsford
2035 Skach Amber Pinkerton Academy Derry, NH
1492 Smith Kerri Newman Elementary School Needham
1154 Sniezek Jason Hoosac Valley Regional Chesire
1410 Sollows Kim Barnstable Intermediate School Hyannis
1494 Souza Kyle Fall River Public Schools Fall River
2854 Souza Taryn Excel Academy Orient Heights Boston
2807 Spaulding Kaileen Braintree High School Braintree
1090 Spicola Christina Durfee High School Fall River
2327 Starling Ariana Cambridge Public Schools Cambridge
1952 Stevens Nick Wheelock School Medfield
1616 Sullivan William Paxton Center School Paxton
2044 Sullivan Brenda Fowler School Maynard
7070 Sylvia Noah Westfield State Student Westfield
1475 Tarbox Michele Westfield Intermediate School Westfield
7500 Tassy Brendan Springfield College Student Springfield
1342 Tatro Robert Sunita Williams Elementary School Needham
1043 Tavares Hayden Dufee High School Fall River
1493 Tavares Tyler Fonseca Elementary School Fall River
1972 Taylor Tina Amherst Middle School Amherst
2556 Taylor Jenifer Barnstable High School Hyannis
2059 Thibeault Kristen Medfield High School Medfield
1013 Thornton Jillian Durfee High School Fall River
1210 Tiller Kevin West Elementary School Andover
1632 Tillson Zachary Latham School Brewster
9936 Tolken Joyce Bridgewater State University Bridgewater
1528 Tomasini Brian Sandwich High School Sandwich
1925 Tyson Adam Mullen-Hall Elementary School Falmouth
1602 Upchurch Brittni Amherst Regional High School Amherst
1336 Uyenoyama Carlyn Brookline Public Schools Brookline
7069 Vacca Dean Bridgewater State Student Bridgewater
1170 Verelst Sneha Sizer School Fitchburg
7195 Vinton Rachel Springfield College Student Springfield
2340 Vittum Chip Monument Valley Middle School Great Barrington
7065 Vondras Abigail Bridgewater State Student Bridgewater
1034 Wall David Walpole Public Schools Walpole
7122 Walsh Tom Bridgewater State Student Bridgewater
1258 Wassell Nicole Springfield College Springfield
1379 Weeden Christine Burlington High School Burlington
7039 Wegiel Samantha Springfield College Student Springfielc
1339 Weiss Elizabeth LD Batchelder Elementary School North Reading
2755 Weston Keith Westford Public Schools Westford
1387 Willar Brian Westboro Public Schools Westboro
1485 Williams-Tinkham Julie Falmouth Public Schools Falmouth
1580 Wilmoth Haverlina Memorial Middle School Fitchburg
7015 Wood Sadie Westfield State Student Westfield
1421 Woodward Sarah Ralph C. Mahar Regional School Orange
7264 Woodworth Emily Westfield State Student Westfield
1480 Wordell Matthew Tansey Elementary School Fall River
1894 Yelle Wendy Barnstable Public Schools Barnstable
1701 Young Stacey Middleboro Public Schools Middleboro
7028 Yurkevicius Laura Bridgewater State Student Bridgewater