Convention Registration List

Below is the Registration List for the Annual MAHPERD Convention at Springfield College, Springfield, MA on March 14 & 15, 2022.

If your name is not on this list we did not receive your registration. If you are using a purchase order please check with your school to determine if it was mailed or faxed. 

If you registered online make sure that you filled out the payment portion of the membership/registration to complete the process. 

This list is updated daily, notice the date stamp to indicate the updated registration list. 

Registration code for convention days:

B = Both Days M = Monday only T = Tuesday only

If you have any questions please contact

Bill Riley

Updated January 28, 2022

Mem# First Name Last Name School Business Con Days 2022
2351 Hildi Arnold Newton Public Schools B
1984 Jeff Bartlett Holten Richmond Middle School B
1575 Linda Belocas Plymouth Public Schools B
1850 Dana Bennett Newton Public Schools B
2161 Nate Bergeron Smith Vocational & Agricultural High School B
1429 Matthew Bernstein Brockton Public Schools M
2422 Joe Brancaleone Maynard High School B
2925 Elizabeth Caldwell Nixon Elementary School B
339 Martha Campbell Burkland Elementary School B
1059 Hannah Capone Fitchburg High School B
1815 Derek Chrebet Edgartown School B
2287 Mary Connolly Cambridge College B
2325 Suzanne Costello The Edgartown School B
9032 Cindy Coughlin Springfield Public Schools - Retired B
2759 Connie D'Amato ECC / Bates / HML B
387 Linda Davis-Delano Springfield College B
9953 Diana Demetrius Mapleshade School - Retired B
1545 Monica Doonan Riverview School B
1431 Dylan Dubuc Granby Jr. Sr. High School B
2378 Jackie Duggan Smith Vocational & Agricultural High School B
1663 Melanie Dzioba Springfield Central High School B
1902 Jason Erhardt Quinn Middle School B
1385 Michael Gauthier Mosier Elementary School M
1422 Doug Gibbs Parker Middle School B
2498 Hillary Glencross Watertown High School B
2173 Michaela Goncalves Case High School T
1676 Jeannie Graffeo Hudson Public Schools B
1081 Jill Herwig Garfield Middle School B
2530 Jeffrey Hetu Case High School B
2302 Todd Jeffers West Barnstable Elementary School B
630 Terry Langton Hanover Public Schools M
1423 Anthony Lanza Williams Elementary School M
1953 Julie LaRoche Case Jr High School T
1980 Danielle LaRocque Holten Richmond Middle School B
2561 Jon LeSage Hudson High School B
2883 Kathy Mangano Springfield College B
9964 Brian McNally Andover Public Schools - Retired B
7126 Colin Mediate Springfield College Student B
9937 Maria Melchionda MAHPERD Executive Director B
2528 Ryan Minns Palmer High School B
9959 Michelle Moosbrugger Springfield College B
2188 Angel Pabon Lawrence High School B
1543 Theresa Pacheco Westport Elementary School B
1319 Wayne Page Hudson High School B
2681 Michelle Pikor Edgartown School B
1935 Shelly Powers AES B
9951 Bob Rausch Westfield State University B
9950 Bill Riley Attleboro Schools - Retired B
1653 Phil Signoroni Pioneer Charter School B
2613 Katie Simes Chelmsford Public Schools B
1492 Kerri Smith Newman Elementary School B
1973 Hannah Stoens Tyngsborough Middle School B
1972 Tina Taylor Amherst Middle School B
2556 Jenifer Taylor Barnstable Intermediate School B
2710 Amy Teixeira Westport Middle/High School B
9008 Kathy Tobey Auburn High School - Retired B
2201 Colin Tullson Joseph Case High School M
1485 Julie Williams-Tinkham Barnstable Intermediate School B
1421 Sarah Woodward Ralph C. Mahar Regional School B