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First off, let me say I was inspired to create Phys.Ed.Review based on Jarrod Robinson's work on The PE Geek.  Based in Australia his website is a great resource for applications that can be used in the Physical Education classroom.  His list of apps and technology ideas goes back to September of 2008!  Here is a description of Jarrod (Taken from his website):

Jarrod is a Physical Education teacher from country Victoria Australia, with a passion and enthusiasm for the role emerging technologies play within teaching and learning. He is first and foremost an advocate for lifelong movement and physical activity, however realises the power of 21st century technologies that can shape new age teaching pedagogies.

Jarrod is known throughout the online community as “The PE Geek”, and authors a blog of the same name at which has proved to be an invaluable resource for teachers seeking effective use of 21st century tools in PE.  He has presented Nationally and Internationally for a number of years while also writing for a number of publications on the topic of contemporary Physical Education.

His major interests lie within mobile learning which he believes is the perfect fit for the outdoor minded PE Teacher. As a result he has begun his own mobile development company, “The PE Geek Apps”, which builds mobile applications for teachers on both Android and iOS devices.


I am a big fan of the OPEN program.  At first I was very skeptical. You mean absolutely FREE standards based units and lessons that come with visuals and assessments?  OK, what's the catch?  The thing is, there's no catch. This program is legit. It is so refreshing to find a program that is ready to use, standards based, and FREE.  Oh, by the way, did I mention it was FREE!?!? Click on the link below to sign up for a FREE account.


I have followed them on Twitter for some time.  Their website is awesome and has tons of great resources for Physical Education teachers.  Here is a description that is posted on their site:

"Welcome to our website, a non-profit educational website that promotes quality physical education through accountability and free access to information and resources. We believe that every child has the right to standards-based quality physical education focused on developing the skills, knowledge, virtues and dispositions needed to become a physically literate person. We encourage you to explore our site, use the tools and resources, and spread the word if you like our stuff."

Top-notch website!!!

Kevin Tiller
2015 Mass. Elem. Phys. Ed. Teacher Of The Year
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